“Foundation” Star Lee Pace for L’Officiel Fashion Book Australia

Posted on October 20, 2021

“Foundation” star Lee Pace covers the latest issue of L’Officiel Fashion Book Australia magazine photographed by Mike Ruiz and styled by Chloe Harstein.



Were you a fan of Isaac Asimov before signing up for the show and who are your favourite sci-fi writers? “I was a fan of sci-fi and the Isaac Asimov tradition of sci-fi, but I say that to say that I was extremely familiar with Dune and Hyperion. Ursula Le Guin is one of my absolute favorite writers. I would say in the top three of any writer of any kind of genre. I read the first book in the Foundation series about a year before I heard that they were making it into a series and I thought, like everyone else, ‘There’s no way they can do this.’ I was very much like, ‘There are no characters that you can fall in love with. There are certain things that it’s just better to read and imagine.'”


If you had a chance to give your younger self advice, what it would be?  “I would probably tell myself to get comfortable because I have a lot on my mind. [laughs] I would have a lot to say, but I’m going give you a concise answer. I would say that there’s nothing better than being relaxed. That it’s not just a luxury to be relaxed and to make being a relaxed person a priority in your life, it’s key. I think about times in my life when I was worried about one thing or another or trying to control one thing or another that was not really inside my control.”


[Photo Credit: Mike Ruiz/L’Officiel Fashion Book Australia]

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