VMAS Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on September 13, 2021

We gave the spotlight to a few of the more notable looks of the 2021 VMAs but now it’s time to wrap things up with the… well, we guess they were the slightly less notable looks of the 2021 VMAs. Onward to judgment, darlings!



Alicia Keys in Louis Vuitton

We know she’s not always the flashiest of dressers, but it seems to us that if you’ve got your pick of Louis Vuitton, you’d want to send the message that, well, you had your pick of Louis Vuitton. This comes off kind of generic and basic.



Ashanti in Michael Costello

Well, you can’t claim she’s a shy lady nor can you claim that Michael Costello has a classy aesthetic. We’re impressed by the commitment on display here. You don’t put this on thinking you will ever have a second to relax while wearing it.




Billie Eilish in Good Fight

We honestly do appreciate this, if for no other reason than we think we’ve seen teen and college age girls in this exact outfit too many times to count. We think anyone who wants to hit the VMAs showing off as much skin as they want should be supported and even applauded if they want to (as opposed to being shamed for it), but we also think there should be room for people who value their coverage. We called this Comfy Goth in our Cosmo piece and the more we look at it, the more we like it for what it is.




Billy Porter in Landeros

We hope this doesn’t come off weird, but we’re happy to see him in a suit. Not that we don’t love when he plays with womenswear elements, but given how prevalent that is now, we were hoping to see him embrace other ways of being flamboyant, just to shake things up a bit.



Charli XCX in Shawna Wu

She is giving us Sexy Goth Cavewoman realness and if nothing else, you’ve got to give the girl credit for even thinking of attempting such a thing. But okay, yes: It’s just underwear, really.



Halle Bailey (in Mônot) and Chloe Bailey (in Marni)

It really is impressive how they’ve managed to separate themselves from a style perspective. Halle’s gown is pretty and simple, but that bust design is unfortunate. Chloe’s hair and makeup look great and while we can appreciate the weirdness of the dress, we just don’t like it.



Ciara in Tom Ford

This is downright demure — both for her and for the VMAs. Sure, it looks like lingerie, but that’s obviously the point.



Ed Sheeran in Versace

We know we gave him some brief love in our Cosmo piece, but we keep returning to this look today to marvel at it. We never could have predicted he’d make this sudden turn toward high fashion nor would we have predicted that he’d look this good in a Versace tux.



Iann Dior in Berluti

Very cute.




Kacey Musgraves in Valentino Couture

It’s impossibly not to love this until you get to the clear plastic sandals. Girl, what even led you to that? This called for red pumps.



Kim Petras in Richard Quinn

If Leigh Bowery were alive today, we don’t think he’d be a bit surprised to see his twistedly singular vision on a mainstream red carpet. We just adore this for what it represents more than anything.



Leslie Grace in Oscar de la Renta

It’s one of those looks that says “I’m here on this circus of a red carpet, but I am an ACTRESS.” It’s got that old school glamour feel with just enough tacky showiness to make it VMAS appropriate. The shoes are really weird, though.



Rita Ora in Vera Wang

We guess so. Like so many of her style choices, it always feels vaguely like it’s someone else’s look. We like the …boots? Shoes paired with thigh-highs? We’re not sure what they are. The hair: not so much.



Saweetie in Valentino

As we said in the Cosmo piece, there’s nothing new under the sun here, but there’s also nothing wrong with working a classic Blonde Bombshell.


Simone Biles

This is a great, simple but effective design that looks fantastic on her and is probably a bit too low-key for an event like this.



Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian (in Olivier Theyskens)

Say what you will about them both, this is as chic as a rockstar/girlfriend pairing on the red carpet gets. Neither of them are pushing the envelope, but that is part of the appeal, we think. There’s something almost archetypal about the pairing of looks.



Troye Sivan in Fendi

We just can’t get past the gigantic old man boxers situation.



[Photo Credit:  Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV/ ViacomCBS, Kevin Mazur/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images for MTV/ ViacomCBS]

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