“The Many Saints of Newark” Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on September 23, 2021

And just like that, there’s a Sopranos Extended Cinematic Universe. We look forward to 2031, when the various branches of the families team up to fight Thanos. Aw, we’re just being bitchy because that’s our nature is all. We figure if you’re a Sopranos fan, The Many Saints of Newark must be pretty exciting for you. Or not? Is there controversy? We can’t say. We’re only here to rate the outfits.


Bobby Canavale and Rose Byrne (in Ulla Johnson)

They both look fine and we don’t think the Tribeca Film Festival is the time or place for glamour or high fashion. Her purse is cute, but overall, this picture gives off a very 2007 fashion vibe.



Emily Mortimer and Alessandro Nivola

We don’t mean this in a bitchy way – they both look pretty great, for the most part – but we can’t tell if they’re deliberately dressing like they’re at a mafia wedding or not.



Ethan Hawke

We’re not sticklers about socks with loafers, but we tend to think the style of suit calls for them here. We also think a fun, bright pair could have done a lot to zhuzh up the look.



Jon Bernthal

Stopping by after working all day on Wall Street, evidently.




Leslie Odom Jr. in Valentino

And then there’s Leslie. God bless this guy for showing up like this in a sea of sportscaster suits. Unfortunately, we think it’s way overstyled. That gorgeous suit needed some room to breathe. Ditch the gloves, clodhoppers and turtleneck, please.



Michael Gandolfini

This has got to be overwhelming for him on some level, stepping in to play his father’s iconic role and acting for the first time ever. The level of attention must be hard at times. We’re just saying. We don’t think this is all that great a look, but we also don’t think this guy, especially given who his father was, is all that into the idea of a high-fashion component to the job. It’s all fine, but we wish the suit were a shade or two darker.



Vera Farmiga

She has a real knack for wearing exactly this sort of starkly plain design. The color does a lot of work here and we think there were way more interesting necklaces or pendants to choose, but this all feels very her.



[Photo Credit: Roger Wong/Instarimages.com]

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