We’re Just Here to be Smug about Kristen Stewart in the Final Trailer for “Spencer”

Posted on September 23, 2021

Really, darlings. At this point, it’s just going to come off as gloating. But okay, let’s gloat:








We’ve got to give them credit for how they rolled this out, letting the public get only a glimpse of Kristen Stewart in the role first, sending out a teaser in which she says only two words, and finally this: a full-blown look at the film and her portrayal of Diana in it. And look, reasonable people can disagree, but we think our original point about this casting – that K Stew’s own natural reticence and innate mild mistrust of the press, that mysteriously walled-off quality she has, the knowledge of what it’s like to break free from a fairy princess story that never was – is born out here. We have to say, we wondered whether this had any point to it as we head into season five of the highly acclaimed The Crown, but this feels way more sweeping and evocative, more cinematic and expressive. Emma Corrin did an amazing job of evoking the Princess of Wales, but we’re saying it plainly now: Kristen Stewart is laying down the definitive portrayal of Diana. No one’s gonna want to touch her after this. It’s not so much about how she looks or sounds (although we think she checks off both boxes nicely) but the way she carries herself and reacts to the world that feels right and gives Diana endless and mysterious wells of depth.








[Photo Credit: Neon via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: Neon/YouTube]

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