The Official Teaser Trailer for “Spencer” starring Kristen Stewart – along with our opinions, of course

Posted on August 26, 2021


Okay, the Spencer trailer has dropped and after initially supporting the casting of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana and upholding that support when the first few images of her dropped, we’re finally ready to say…




We are going to be so goddamn smug when we’re proven right on this one. This has “Oscar track” written all over it. We have some concerns that this take leans a little hard on the fairy tale take on the Wales marriage, but director Pablo Larraín’s other notable work aside, there’s clearly a reason why they’re referring to his Jackie in the title cards here. We’ll reserve judgment for the final product, but this trailer is definitely working hard to make the comparison clear to his 2016 biopic of the First Lady, from the hazy cinematography giving everything a vintage, period feel to it all the way to the spinning and crying and seemingly drunken stumbling of an iconic woman in grief surrounded by grandeur. It’s hitting all of the exact same notes.

As we said when she was announced, Stewart has an essential walled-off quality as an actress that, if harnessed right, could make her extremely well-suited to play the Princess of Wales, so long as they could get the accent and costuming right. We have quite a few quibbles with the wigs here, but we think there’s no question that she evokes Diana in exactly the same way Natalie Portman managed to eerily evoke Jackie without looking all that much like her, Larraín clearly has a knack for, and an interest in, exploring the private pain of iconic women surrounded by power and wealth. It may seem like a limited area of exploration, but we have a hard time believing that this is going to be anything but a highly discussable film. To probably no one’s surprise, it looks gorgeous:







[Photo Credit: Neon via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: Neon/YouTube]

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