Met Gala 2021: Debbie Harry in Zac Posen

Posted on September 15, 2021

There she is, Miss America.


We won’t deny that this is right around the time in our coverage of Met Gala red carpetry where we tend to hit the wall on the whole “theme” conversation; largely because most attendees never bother with it, but partially because it tends to treat the event like a costume party rather than a fashion showcase. This may be why, when we went out to a nice restaurant last night to treat ourselves after a long day of opinionating, one of us had to admit to the other that they didn’t love this look as much as the entire internet seemed to.

Okay, yes. It was Tom. But Lorenzo conceded his point that flag-based couture was somewhat too obvious a choice for the occasion. We hashed it out over tapas and Sangria and eventually came to two conclusions. First, American fashion (which was the theme; not Americana or just America as a cultural concept) has a long history of patriotic tropes and motifs (a fact we know better than most since we live in one of America’s most historically patriotic tourist areas), which means it really is on point thematically. And the second point, which Lorenzo argued vociferously in between stuffing olives and Manchego in his mouth, is that the concept and construction of that skirt really is beautiful. It takes some creative thinking to make an American flag look like high fashion and this may be one of the best attempts we’ve ever seen. We love the idea of the denim jacket, but it’s kind of insanely overdesigned.

In other news, Debbie Harry’s a goddess and her hair and makeup look great. Love the huge boots.


Style Credits:
Custom Zac Posen Dress Featuring a Deconstructed Denim Jacket and a White and Red Ribbon Hoop Skirt


[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue]

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