Jessica Chastain in Givenchy at the San Sebastian Film Festival Closing Ceremony

Posted on September 28, 2021

The Eyes of Tammy Faye star Jessica Chastain continues to slay her way onto the awards track. She’s been so focused about her promo work from the second she left the starting gate that, at this point, we feel more like correspondents recording her red carpet efforts for a future retrospective rather than bitchy opinion-slingers. But okay, let’s sling some bitchy opinions.



We’ll start with this: We think a knit gown is a thing that probably shouldn’t exist. We also think sporting fringe from knees to floor is not something we can every truly support. We think the straps look like the handles on those potholder loom craft projects from summer camp. And finally, we think the tomato red is not the best color for her and the Morticia hair is doing her no favors.

And yet despite all that, we think she mostly looks okay in it. Or at least, she doesn’t look as horrible in it as our litany of quibbles might imply. Clearly, she’s a witch.


Style Credits:
Givenchy Red Crystal-embroidered Knit Dress with Fringe Detailing

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Christian Wood | Makeup by Mary Greenwell


[Photo Credit:]

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