Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala: Natasha Lyonne in Sebastian Gunawan

Posted on September 28, 2021

Natasha Lyonne always brings a truly idiosyncratic and personal flair to her red carpet style, but until today, we might not have considered her the type to make some sort of shockingly unexpected style turn. Well, get ready for a scrolldown surprise, kittens.




Surprise! Her skirt’s a hedge! We don’t like it at all but we love it for her. Does that make sense? It does to us. As a design, the proportions are terrible – not just the skirt to the bodice, but the plunge of the neckline hitting the horizontal line of the waist and the rather unfortunate sequined choker collar. And the textile combinations are terrible. Gold sequins, two shades of blue lace AND feathers?!? Not on our watch, sister.

And yet, while we can’t say she looks good in the conventional sense wearing this, we do think it is a hilariously fun sort of look that really speaks to her personality. It’s amazing how much work her hair is doing to sort of tie it all together. We can’t really get mad at a gal for dressing entirely around her hair, even if the dress is hideous on its own.


Style Credits:
Sebastian Gunawan Strapless Dress with Feather Skirt
David Webb Jewelry
Hunting Season Bag
Gucci Shoes

Styled by Cristina Ehrlich | Hair by Ted Gibson | Makeuo by Fiona Stiles | Nails by Vanessa Sanchez McCullough


[Photo Credit: RobinLori/, Courtesy of Academy Museum Foundation, Hunter Abrams/Academy Museum Foundation]

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