Meghan Markle Celebrates Her 40th Birthday In a Sea of Neutral Tones

Posted on August 04, 2021

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex put on her fave style, sat down in her matchy-match mansion, flipped on her laptop cam and had a little chat with her pal Melissa McCarthy about fame, 40, and one of her favorite topics of all, mentoring women. If we didn’t know better, we’d swear the whole endeavor was designed to piss off her detractors. After all, here she is, looking as unfussed as humanly possible, surrounded by SoCal chic, palling with movie stars and making an appeal to action from her desk. You can watch the whole interview on the Sussexes’ site for their Archewell charity. As always, we’re here for the shallow parts.

We used to rag on her during her royal duty days for routinely eschewing color in her style choices, assuming that she was being timid in her approach because she felt unsure in her role. But it’s time for us to admit that we were wrong and the Duchess really does love a world of creamy whites and neutrals. Personally, we’re always a little weirded out by people whose personal style matches their decor exactly, but the lady likes what the lady likes. The shoes and the necklace are both very nice (and also the only points of interest), but it should be noted that this is probably the first time a high-ranking member of the royal family made a coordinated appearance in a ribbed tank top. That Megs. Always pushing the envelope ever so slightly. We look forward to Harry introducing cargo shorts into the royal style rotation.


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