Cannes 2021: Coco Rocha in Dior Couture at the “‘Aline, The Voice of Love” Premiere

Posted on July 14, 2021

Well, she tried it. We’ll give her that.

Just the other day, we held up Bella Hadid in Schiaparelli as a living answer to the question of why there are models soaking up the attention on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet every year. But we guess we’ll have to highlight Coca Rocha in Dior as an example of why you can’t always trust the combination of model+couture+Cannes to produce a stunningly gorgeous moment. In other words…


Ohh-la-la, that’s kind of awful, no?

It feels like every part of this look – from the design of the dress to the styling choices – was overthought to the point of being overwrought. The textile is pretty, but that bodice is tortured. Adding that weird fishnet top and giving her Star Trek hair and makeup took an already over-designed look to pure costume. None of this works for us, even with a supermodel trying her damnedest.


Style Credits:
Christian Dior Gown from the Fall 2019 Couture Collection
Chaumet Jewelry

Styled by Ilya Vanzato | Hair by Brigitte Meirinho | Makeup by Samira Pipko


[Photo Credit: DDP/, ABACA/, Julien Reynaud/APS-Medias/ABACA/,]

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