Tom Hiddleston at the “Loki” Photo Call in London

Posted on June 09, 2021

A Marvel/Disney photo call, you guys. We didn’t think we’d ever see such wonders again. Nature>>>>healing, etc. Granted, as Marvel/Disney photo calls go, this one’s rather sparsely attended, but we don’t think Tom Hiddleston is offended that Chris Evans didn’t show up, all things considered. We’ll take what we can get these days. Six months ago, we’d have offered to kill someone for a couple of Hiddle-pics.



It’s tough to love a brown suit (they’re awful more often than not, in our experience), but it’s got a chic understated quality that suits him and fits the moment. It’s just snazzy enough without overdoing the snazz. We can see that the male suiting trend is for a blockier, looser silhouette after a decade of constantly shrinking formal menswear. Congratulations to all those male stars who won’t have to show up at premieres dehydrated so they could fit into their boysuits.

Anyway, Hiddles looks great, but it would be hard for him to look otherwise. We have never been of the opinion that the tie and the pocket square should match, but these two look just a bit too far apart for the same outfit.

Does he still have legions of ladyfans? There was a time when literally any picture of him or of Benedict Cumberbatch was a guarantee click-getter just because of the ardent female fanbases who’d click on anything featuring them, but it feels like both of them have cooled off a bit in recent years.



Style Credits:
Scabal Suit
Eton Shirt

Styled by Holly White | Grooming by Petra Sellge


[Photo Credit: Ian West/PA Images/]

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