Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Visit Connor Downs Academy

Posted on June 11, 2021

Cathy and Jill, palling around in the schoolyard.




First, we have to laugh in admiration a little. The British royal family is exceedingly good at playing to the American press, which is a big reason why Americans are more interested in them than other royal families. Taking the First Lady to a school in a Cornish village so she can feed giant storybook carrots to the school rabbit is high-level national image-craft. A princess, a small English village, and an adorable bunny that can probably talk with Ian McKellen’s voice or something – all hitting the wires at the exact moment the American morning chat shows are gaining steam. Bravo, courtiers. You nailed it this time.

Amusement aside, this really was a well-coordinated trip for the two women, both of whom are deeply focused on education and early childhood development. Connor Downs Academy is a school for children who have had “adverse childhood experiences,” many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds. To say this is the perfect show of bonding and common cause is understating things.

The fashion feels a little beside the point, although it’s all part of that same imagecraft. Kate has stuck to as classic a Duchess Kate look as you’ll find – again, playing to a certain level of expectations. Dr. Jill loves pairing blazers with dresses and flared skirts. It’s kind of become her thing. The jacket is really pretty and we love the lining, but the flipped cuffs aren’t working well.



Style Credits:
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge: Alexander McQueen Dress | L. K. Bennett Bag
Dr. Jill Biden: L’Agence Pink Blazer | Akris White Dress | Valentino Shoes


[Photo Credit: Aaron Chown/Pa Images/]

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