Pop Style Opinionfest: Looking Out Over the Spring 2021 TV Landscape

Posted on May 07, 2021


Darlings, for this week’s podcast, we flipped on our mics and positively spewed opinions into them on all things television. Well, maybe not ALL things television, but the parts of it we’re catching up on or interested in or, in the case of one show, feel like we have to explain why we’re not covering it. Lorenzo has all the details on upcoming seasons of Lupin, Call My Agent, and the Heidi and Tim show known as Making the Cut. Then, we’re off to the races, giving critical rundowns of a whole bunch of shows. First up, Tom has much to say about Netflix’s new series Jupiter’s Legacy:




Unforch, almost none of it is good. He explains the whole history of the deconstructed superhero, comparing it to such shows as The Boys and Invincible, but despite his innate nerdiness, he can’t bring himself to say much good about this one.

Then it’s a quick rundown on Mare of Easttown and why it’s so captivating, even if the plot and story elements are all predictable to the point of cliche. Following that is another look at The Nevers and why Tom’s still on board despite the Whedon-iness of it all. Lorenzo’s fading fast on this one, but he still has a few things he loves about it.

And finally, a bit of an in-depth discussion on why we’re not covering Pose. This is less a criticism of the show and more about how we just can’t accept its approach and would rather remove ourselves from critiquing it, knowing that the room we have to be critical on such matters is extremely limited.



Just the usual collection of quips and critiques from your two favorite snippy queens. And as always, we can’t thank you enough for listening to our nonsense.


[Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO, Keith Bernstein/HBO, Eric Liebowitz/FX, Adam Rose/Netflix – Video Credit: Netflix via YouTube]

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