Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Posted on May 28, 2021

We feel compelled and duty-bound to give these two world-class attention-seekers exactly what they’re asking for.


They are our new American royalty; our new King and Queen of the red carpet. We must all love and protect them so that they will continue to bestow these amazingly tacky blessings on us. And if you feel the need to reach for your smelling salts while collapsing on your fainting couch, just consider this: We will take two gloriously tacky attention-seekers absolutely covered in sparkles and satin than the sorts of dour cheek-sucking we all had to suffer through when it was Kim and Kanye out here grabbing the spotlight. At least these two are in on it and having fun with it. Red carpets, before everything went to shit and they disappeared for a while, had gotten very safe and very luxury-brand heavy. Tasteful elegance and occasional edge-pushing high fashion ruled the carpet for several years, making our jobs just a little less exciting. We are primed and ready for a return to ’90s-style red carpets, when all bets were off and no one cared if Anna Wintour was impressed.



Style Credits:
Megan Fox: Mach & Mach Pink Satin Corset Top and Pants | Dena Kemp Jewelry | Mach & Mach Double Bow Glittered Pump
Styled by Maeve Reilly
Machine Gun Kelly Comme des Garçons Ensemble from the Spring 2021 Collection


[Photo Credit: Scott Kirkland/FOX/PictureGroup,,]

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