Duchess Kate Visits the V&A Museum in Alessandra Rich

Posted on May 19, 2021

Once again, Cathy Cambridge shows herself to be following our every word and adjusting her style choices accordingly. Just last week, in noting her more low-key style of late, we said, “we expect the appropriate stepping up of effort the next time she has to visit an art gallery or museum or something like that.” Clearly, she read that and immediately checked her calendar to see if she could fit in a museum visit and impress us with her duchessy style ways again. We are so influential, you guys. It’s honestly kind of scary. We promise we’ll use our powers for good.


It’s a pretty sharp dress, but we’re going to suggest that her proportions aren’t the best ones for working a drop waist. She’s long in the torso and long of leg, so when you put her in something like this, it visually stretches her out like pulled taffy. It’s very royal in tone (in that vaguely prissy and retro way), making it a really good choice for an engagement like this one, which calls for a little bit of that ol’ royal drag. We give her credit for trying to make the earrings work, but if she’s still in masking situations, that’s one part of the uniform she might have to keep toning down for a little while longer.

LOVE the shoes – which is not a thing we say about Mrs. Cathy’s shoes all that often.


Style Credits:
Alessandra Rich Pleated Houndstooth Silk-crepe Midi Dress
Jennifer Chamandi Suede Tear Medallion Stiletto Pumps


[Photo Credit: Jonathan Buckmaster/Pa Images/Instarimages.com, matchesfashion.com, bergdorfgoodman.com]

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