Pop Style Opinionfest: Sifting Through the Rubble with Meghan, Harry and Oprah

Posted on March 11, 2021


Well, Meghan and Harry got their say and for once, something actually lived up to its hype.

We honestly did not think Oprah’s interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was going to yield much in the way of bombshells, but we clearly got that prediction way wrong. Not only were bombshells dropped, they were done so in a way that we can only describe as masterful. We weren’t sure we had the right idea of putting off the podcast for a few days to devote it entirely to this interview, but we’re glad we did, because these three gave us a LOT to talk about.

Obviously, we have much to say about the various revelations, from the family member speculating over Archie’s skin color to the news that Kate made Meghan cry (rather than the other way around), to the shocking reveal that Prince Charles stopped taking Harry’s calls. But we also have a few observations about how good Oprah really is at her job, what that meant for the nature of the interview, and the ways in which Harry and Meghan executed water-tight message discipline, which implies that one or both of them got pretty high level media training. You just don’t thread the needle as finely as they did without a rock-solid game plan.


Is the monarchy in trouble? Will Harry ever reconcile with his fucked-up fam? Is little Diana Serena Doria Windsor-Mountbatten ever going to meet her great-grandmother? All of these questions and more are asked and answered by two very opinionated non-experts who are ever so grateful that you took the time to listen!



[Photo Credit: CBS via Tom and Lorenzo]

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