Grammys 2021: Noah Cyrus in Schiaparelli Couture

Posted on March 16, 2021

And now, a moment set aside in order to recognize A MOMENT. If Noah Cyrus felt this year’s Grammys was akin to her coming out as an artistic force to be reckoned with; if she considered this the perfect time to establish herself as a celebrity figure quite apart from the other famous members of her family, well then, all we have to say in response to this utterly insane fashion choice is …


Attagirl, you fabulous kernel of popcorn.

Yes, it’s true. We absolutely love this. We can look at it and dream up all sorts of edits, changes, or critiques, because to love a fashion look is not the same thing as saying it’s perfect in every way. As a design, this has some issues, not the least of which is how limiting the lack of color is. Granted, that’s clearly deliberate and gives her a dreamy sort of angel–in-the-clouds sort of feeling, but we can’t help thinking how stunning this might have been in, say a bright pink. She would’ve looked like a giant flower. We’re also not in love with the shape of the bustline or the odd little drape in the skirt. In terms of the styling, we’d have advised against the jewelry – nearly all of it. A dress like this really doesn’t need embellishment and would work much better if the styling was kept completely minimal.


As a moment of self-expression and a declaration that she’s arrived in every sense of the word, it simply can’t be beat. It may not be on the same level as Gaga’s meat dress, but it is similarly meant to make the wearer stand out in a totally unforgettable way. Mission accomplished.


Style Credits:
Schiaparelli Strapless White Silk Crepe Dress with a Plunging Neckline with Draped Detail and an Airy Cumulus Silk Taffeta Stole from the Spring 2021 Couture Collection
Marco Panconesi Jewelry
Roseark Jewelry
Jason of Beverly Hills Jewelry

Styled by Brett Alan Nelson | Hair by Jay Nixon | Makeup by David Velasquez


[Photo Credit: Francis Specker/CBS ©2021, Daniel Roseberry/Courtesy of Schiaparelli]

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