Kelly Marie Tran Promotes “Raya and the Last Dragon” in Monse, Rokh and ReJina Pyo

Posted on February 26, 2021


In a world where actresses by the dozens (and the occasional actor) were stepping out every single day for highly attended and media-saturated promotional events wearing the utter most and the absolute latest in high fashion, a bitchier set of fashion bloggers might have had something a little snide to say about an actress going hard-in on the edgy fashion in order to promote a cartoon. But you are dealing with seasoned, soft-hearted, open-minded fashion bloggers who are only occasionally bitchy and even then, it’s only said with love.

Haha, just kidding. We’re still big bitches. Even so, a couple of big bitches would be wrong to ding a hard-working gal for offering up such a succession of slayage. And besides, cartoon work is real work. If a lady can wear haute couture to promote her super hero movie, than a lady should certainly break out whatever she can get her hands on for her fantasy cartoon promo tour.




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We like that she’s occasionally opting for looks and pieces with a little bit of a difficulty setting to them. Challenging fashion, in other words. These at-home pose sessions practically beg for something dramatic in order to set them apart from just looking like any old instagram posing sesh. This looks amazing on her.





This is sort of in that same feeling as the Monse piece; a Frankengarment composed of two decidedly different pieces being stitched together. We don’t think this design works nearly as well as the Monse does, largely because a trench coat does not a skirt make.





We have some serious issues with the ruffled edges of those pockets, but as distracting as they are, they don’t take away from the outfit entirely. Love the shapes and colors here. Offbeat or edgy fashion doesn’t always have to be serious fashion and she really is in her style sweet spot when she’s in happy clothes, we think.


Style Credits:
First Look: Monse Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection | Effy Jewelry | Graziela Gems Jewelry | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Second Look: Rokh Ensemble from the Resort 2021 Collection | Bondeye Jewelry | Graziela Gems Jewelry | Fallon Jewelry
Third Look: Rejina Pyo Ensemble from the Spring 2021 Collection | Temple St. Clair Jewlery | Le Silla Shoes

Styled by Wayman + Micah | Hair by Derek Yuen | Makeup by Hinako


[Photo Credit: Derek Yuen/Instagram, Wayman + Micah/Instagram, Jen Carey/Courtesy of Rejina Pyo, Courtesy of Rokh, Courtesy of Monse]

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