Gal Gadot Promotes “Impact” in WARDROBE.NYC

Posted on February 11, 2021

Miss Gal, her Wonder Woman promotional duties finally in her rearview mirror (for now), is out here on these balconies promoting her latest near-and-dear, Impact, a NatGeo documentary series following the stories of inspiring women making a what? Impact on the world. A different sort of Wonder Women project, in other words:



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“There’s endless stories to tell,” Gadot said during National Geographic’s CTAM Winter 2021 Tour panel on Tuesday. “With all these women, what we can see is [that] all of them come from difficult circumstances,” she said. Their individual struggles fuel them to dream and speak up, leading to change in their communities. “I don’t know many women with this extent of an impact by the actions that they do,” Gadot said.

Gadot said she related to all the women feature in different ways. “A key thing for us was to make sure all of these women had a true impact on their communities,” she said. “It’s something that is big. It’s something that’s changing the lives of others.” Growing up, Gadot herself wanted to better the world and wondered how could she do that as just one person. “When you see all these women together…you realize that you can make a change,” she said.

“My biggest obstacle is overcoming my own fears,” Gadot said. “I really feel grateful for the life that I have and not having to deal with such big problems and issues.” After doing “Wonder Woman,” Gadot realized she had a huge reach and wanted to use that to do something good. “Maybe it ignites something in them and create[s] a movement of people who want to do good in the world,” she said.


Now, on to more shallow matters:


Are we mistaken in thinking that an oversized shirt and jacket with a pair of skinny pants is a classic, easy look or has Miss Gal fooled us into thinking so because she’s so ridiculously good at working it? After all, this is pretty basic in almost every way we can think of – but she looks chic and amazing in it.



Style Credits:
WARDROBE.NYC White Double-breasted Blazer and Oversized Shirt

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Mark Townsend | Makeup by Sabrina Bedrani


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