Friday Leftovers for the Week of February 14th 2021

Posted on February 19, 2021

Kittens, let’s celebrate the end of another work week by indulging in that grand T Lo tradition of quick, snappy, drive-by judgments. It’ll be good for you.



Abigail Cowen in Christian Wijnants

This is definitely the year for the Big Slouchy Suit. We don’t mind the BSS in theory, but it’s very easy to get the proportions wrong. We like the suit and love the very difficult color, but those pants look like they’re going to fall off her and we don’t see how those shoes go with it.


Beyoncé in Alessandra Rich

Enh. It’s her go-to designer and it’s not like she looks bad in it. It’s just that, for all her amazing talents and her admirable sense of how to present herself; for all her incredible stage and video costumes, Bey really isn’t all that stylish in her personal life.




Cardi B in Balmain

Girl, you had us until we got to your pained feet. It’s not the classiest outfit in the world, but it’s sexy and fun in an I Dream of Jeannie kind of way.



Ciara Bravo in Burberry

The boots may be a little overwhelming, but they make the whole outfit. Imagine how drab that dress would look with a coordinated pair of pumps.



Ciara Bravo in Chanel

She’s definitely got that lowkey, Alicia Vikander-esque vibe when it comes to her style choices. We tend to prefer promotional looks with a little more oomph to them but fringed hem aside, this is pretty chic.




Duchess of Cambridge in L.K. Bennett

Just a shoutout to Duchess Cathy’s prim and pressed blouse action. Not the most interesting thing she’s ever worn, but the white was a notable choice.



Eiza González in Burberry

Despite them all matching perfectly, none of these items look like they go with the others. Those Jolly Green Giant shoes are horrifying.


Gabrielle Union in Cong Tri

Oof. It feels like everyone ran out of decent outfits in the same week. Sorry, but that skirt should be wrapped around some pears or something. And that jacket is huge and blocky.



Gemma Chan in Adeam

Can’t argue with any of that, now can you?



Jessica Alba in Dorothee Schumacher

The boots are a surprisingly fierce choice, but we’re not a hundred percent convinced they really go all that well with the rest of it.



Lana Condor in Zimmermann

Girlfriend definitely loves a fussy frock, although it’s to be expected for any rom-com ingenue on a promo tour. This is okay, but we’d like it more if it had some color to it.



Nicola Coughlan in The Vampire’s Wife

The skirt, shoes and tights are great. When she’s finished getting her hair colored, we hope she reveals the rest of the outfit.




[Photo Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram, Cardi B/Instagram, Samantha McMillen/Instagram, Tara Swennen/Instagram, Sophie Lopez/Instagram, Amanda Lim/Instagram, Gabrielle Union-Wade/Instagram, Nicola Coughlan/Instagram, Randy Holmes/ABC, Courtesy of Kensington Palace]

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