Pop Style Opinionfest: When All Culture Becomes Junk Culture

Posted on January 29, 2021


For this week’s podcast, your ol’ pals T Lo had themselves a bit of a ramble. This isn’t the most cohesive and coherent pod we’ve ever done, but that’s at least partially because we decided to tackle an observation that’s a bit hard to explain or quantify.

But first, Tom has to gush a little over the Sandman casting news and what he thinks it portends for the series, then we both have to pay short tribute to the two legends we lost this week, Cicely Tyson and Cloris Leachman, and why their legendary status differs from so many other stars who got the same treatment. Also, Lorenzo wants you to watch Call My Agent.

But really, the topic of the week is all about … how we don’t have topics of the week anymore. It’s a little tough to explain, but we opted to bat around our observations and thoughts regarding pop culture and how we seem to be consuming it faster and with less lingering effects than at any other time. From The Crown to Bridgerton, WandaVision to Wonder Woman 1984, Sylvie’s Love to The Midnight Sky, Soul to One Night in Miami, Locked Down to The Mandalorian, it seems like each new series and film that gets released into the pandemic gets forgotten almost as soon as everyone’s seen it.

We outline how this trend predates the lockdown era as well as why we think lockdown exacerbated the problem – and it is a problem, we think. You’ll have to listen in to find out why, but it’s our opinion that we haven’t yet begun to tap into how this current era is changing our perception of pop culture and why that won’t be good in the long run.


It’s not as apocalyptic as we’re making it sound, we promise! It’s just a couple of queens sitting around chatting about TV and movies, after all. And as always, thank you for listening, dolls.


[Photo Credit: Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures., Disney +]

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