WERQ From Home: “Sylvie’s Love” Star Tessa Thompson in Moschino

Posted on November 17, 2020


You know how we keep saying that home-based promotional work for celebrities is starting to coalesce around new rules for dressing? No? Allow us to reiterate, then: Without the frenzy, staging, and press attention that accompanies your average red carpet or photo call, some smart celebs are figuring out that the backyard pose-and-promote sessions that have taken their place not only allow for more impractical choices without a travel factor built into them, but also kind of beg for wilder, more out-there fashion since the surroundings don’t lend themselves to photo shoots necessarily.

Put more succinctly, just look at her go, folks:




Girlfriend WENT. FOR. IT.

To be fair, we think Tessa Thompson probably could make this insane Moschino suit more or less work on a red carpet, but she’s one of the rare ones and besides, there’s so much less risk involved when you wear something like this on your back deck. She looks fucking amazing.










Style Credits:
Moschino Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection

Katkim Jewelry

Styled by Wayman + Micah | Hair by Lacy Redway | Makeup by Kali Kennedy | Nails by Steph Stone


[Photo Credit: Wayman + Micah/Instagram, moschino.com]

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