WERQ From Home: Amanda Seyfried Promotes “Mank” in Miu Miu

Posted on November 02, 2020


We remain grateful to any star who’s willing to continue doing the promo work at a time when promo opportunities are few and far between. But we must remain true to our holy calling and to the bylaws of the Guild of Bitchy Bloggers, darlings. We must call out questionable promotional fashion whenever it rears its boring head. And speaking of boring…





You’re soaking in it.

We said in our last post on Miss Amanda that she doesn’t appear to have a very strong style herself. There’s no Amanda Seyfried “look.” That’s no crime, of course. She strikes us someone who’s not all that into fashion and even bitches such as we can make room in our assessments for people who just aren’t into the things we’re into. Still, if you’re trying to promote a project and the only venue you have available to do so is your own Instagram account, we’d think any star going to the effort would want some sort of return on their work. If you’re a blue-eyed blonde, that means you don’t put on a generic beige dress. Nothing wrong with this frock on its own, but it certainly doesn’t make for an interesting or memorable shot. Hair and makeup are gorgeous, though. We just wish the dress was blue or red or purple.


Style Credits:
Miu Miu Collar Embellished Dress

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by DJ Quintero | Makeup by Genevieve Herr


[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stewart/Instagram, cettire.com]

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