WERQ From Home: Joey King Promotes “The Lie” in Lirika Matoshi

Posted on October 01, 2020

It occurs to us that this has been a great time for the rising celebrity set to take advantage of the dearth of celebrity content and get themselves out there in the showiest way possible. And speaking of showy… let’s just say you need to prepare yourselves before scrolling down. It’s… more than you think.


Well alright, then! Hello, 1981! Every generation deserves the chance to be tacky as hell, right? We don’t love it – like, not any part of it – but we can’t say we hate it either. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do in these uncertain times. Besides, her hair and makeup look great, which is as it should be for a photo situation. We’d probably be really mad at this if it walked a red carpet or walked out onto Ellen’s talk show set, but for sidewalk photo calls? Considering they’re entirely about getting attention in a somewhat drab setting? This works surprisingly well. You got out attention, girl. And your movie looks a little creepy.






Style Credits:
Lirika Matoshi Ensemble
Bondeye Jewelry
By Far Bag
Andrea Wazen Shoes

Styled by Jared Eng Studios | Hair by Dimitri Giannetos | Makeup by Allan Avendaño | Nails by Thuy Nguyen


[Photo Credit: – Video Credit: via YouTube]

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