Friday Leftovers for the Week of October 4th, 2020

Posted on October 09, 2020


It’s true, darlings! For the first time in 210 days, we have just enough left over celebrity looks that weren’t quite interesting enough to get their own posts this week! We would also like to note that our previous Leftovers post, dated March 13, stated that it would be the final Leftovers post “BEFORE CIVILIZATION COMES TO AN END” and you know what? We were exactly right about that! So let’s celebrate the post-apocalypse with a teeny bit of driveby judging, just like in the Before Times.



Gabrielle Union in Miu Miu

She’s been slaying it all month by wearing the sorts of impractical looks one could only get away with from the comfort of home and while this certainly applies, it’s more awkward than anything else. Cute, but goofy. She’s allowed, of course.



Heidi Klum in Johanna Ortiz

As we’ve noted many a time before, we always have to resist the urge to say “Heidi, never change,” because clearly, she has no intention to. This all works for us, even if the top looks just a bit too blouson. Love the pedi-sandal coordination.



Julie Bowen in Giorgio Armani

Not enough info to give a full assessment (this look would live or die by the shoe choice), but the color and cut look great on her.



Katy Perry in Christian Siriano

Halloween came early. Answering the question, “What if Cruella de Vil was obsessed with cows instead of puppies?”



Sarah Jessica Parker

We have got to give this lady her props. She’s out nearly every day, hustling to keep her new shoe store open during the toughest time and in the toughest spot for new retail ventures and she’s been harnessing her celebrity and her reputation to keep the focus on that. She wears some slightly goofy, Carrie-adjacent sort of look, each with a different feel or twist to it, just to ensure that the paparazzi always have something new to shoot and bitches like us something different to talk about. She knows exactly what she’s doing, which is why we can’t get mad at the sweatpants. This feels so New York-perfect that we kind of love it wholeheartedly.


[Photo Credit: Jose Perez/, Gabrielle Union-Wade/Instagram, Christian Siriano/Instagram, Heidi Klum/Instagram, Tara Swennen/Instagram]

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