Sarah Jessica Parker, Shoe Hustler

Posted on September 24, 2020

Sarah Jessica Parker is working  her way through 2020 – literally. She’s been out hustling for her new shoe store on a near-daily basis for months – and because she knows she can’t walk a block in New York without a photographer finding her, she’s making sure to give them something worth photographing. Hey, a working girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to keep the hustle up. It’s obviously not an easy time for retail and she’s likely to have signed quite the hefty lease for her shop. We admire how hard she’s trying to make this work. Now let’s rip her clothes to shreds.



Oh, we’re just teasing. The jacket is cute and coordinates perfectly with the booties, which are also cute. What is not cute is her recent penchant for extreme pants cuffing. We get that you want to show off the merchandise but maybe just wear pants that don’t need to be cuffed in order to see your shoes?

We have to admit, the self-branded mask is kind of genius for any celebrity doing a sidewalk sashay at the moment. Why make a photographer guess if it’s really you, right? Next time, wear one emblazoned with “BUY MY SHOES,” SJ. No need to be subtle in 2020, the year when it all become so obvious.



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SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Minnie’ Zip-up Ankle Bootie


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/, Jose Perez/,]

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