Pop Style Opinionfest: Skating Through The Zeitgeist

Posted on September 04, 2020

It’s a smorgaspod of topics this week, from sad to weighty to completely frivolous, much in the manner of your hosts, who can be sad, weighty and frivolous at times – and sometimes all at once. First, a salute to the legacy of Chadwick Boseman. Next, a discussion of John Boyega’s fiery comments and observations in British GQ about being a Black man in the Hollywood machine subject to racist Star Wars fandom and Disney white-washing. We look at this one from the angle of the Star Wars films themselves and how his experiences deepen our understanding of the films, as well as how the world of stylists and makeup artists continue to be really dumb about their Black clients. ALSO: Meghan and Harry grab their dollar bills and while we couldn’t care less how they make their money, we had to spare a few eyerolls regarding how they talk about making their money.

And finally a vaguely spoilery but unspecific review of the first three episodes of HBO Max’s new sci-fi jawn Raised by Wolves, all three of which dropped yesterday:



It’s got its good parts and its dull parts, but if you’re a hardcore sci-fi fan, we don’t see how you’d want to miss checking this one out.




It’s all there, darlings! All the laughter! All the tears! All the mild bickering you’ve come to expect from us! And thank you once again for supporting this nonsense.



[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Coco Van Oppens/HBO Max – Video Credit: HBO Max via YouTube]

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