“Euphoria” Breakout Star Barbie Ferreira Covers the November Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine

Posted on September 30, 2020

In her first major magazine cover, “Euphoria” breakout star Barbie Ferreira graces the November issue of Cosmopolitan. In the piece Barbie talks about her film “Unpregnant,” her “Euphoria” audition, mental health and the election. The November issue is on newsstands on October 13.




On beauty: “[I told them] I’m not interested in a beauty contract or beauty company that’s not going to be catering to people other than white, cis, straight folks. That’s not what I’m interested in because I don’t think that’s what beauty is. In fact, I want to see less of that. It’s already taking up so much space in the world. Why don’t we try something new?”

On growing up on the internet: “As an elder Gen Z, we’ve gotten our fair share of bad times. I mean, my first day of kindergarten was 9/11. We were the guinea pigs of the internet—you’re 11, and the darkness of the entire world is just packed into your computer and you’re scrolling through it.”

“That had to do something to my brain. I mean, I got crippling anxiety. A lot of depression issues, eating issues, paranoias, and just weird things that I’m one thousand percent certain are from the internet. I don’t know if we’re designed to do that…to chat online with strangers when you’re 9. God knows who I was talking to.”

On auditioning for “Euphoria”: “I have never in my life been more anxious. I was literally exploding. I couldn’t even move most of the day because I was just like, I need this. If nothing else, give me this, give me this and that’s it.”

On the election: “In the years since Trump was elected, I’ve noticed how popular very, very hateful beliefs are. It’s a disservice to oneself to think that everyone thinks the way you do. It’s more apparent now than ever in my life that I am living in a different world than a lot of people. We think we’re the greatest country, we think we’re perfect, we think we’re the land of the free, but inherently, we’re not. We’re disillusioned about the country. I think that’s where Gen Z gets a lot of the angst and the sadness and the mental neuroses. We still haven’t reckoned with this.”


[Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota for Cosmopolitan Magazine]

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