Pop Style Opinionfest: Finding Hamilton and Losing it with Cancel Culture

Posted on July 10, 2020

We’re back and full of opinions, kittens!



First and foremost, a RESPONSE TO OUR CRITICS. Okay, maybe nothing so grandiose, but we explain the shocking revelation that we’d never heard a note of Hamilton in our lives. The news was met with … some blowback, if you will. But fret not, Hamiltonians. We come not to disparage Hamilton but to offer our very late thoughts on it, having viewed if finally on Disney+, from the perspective of someone seeing it for the first time in the midst of the Trump era. We think it must hit a little different in the current atmosphere and we have a few thoughts on what works and what doesn’t with the play.

Then Lorenzo’s off to gush about Mucho Mucho Amor, the documentary about the amazingly flamboyant Walter Mercado, idol to millions:




And finally, with the CULTCHA out of the way, we get down to ripping into that stupid open letter about cancel culture published in Harper’s this week. We won’t link to it but suffice it to say, when really powerful people with enormous platforms start complaining about free speech, you should automatically be wary as hell, darling.



Thank you for listening to our cartoon voices once again! LUVYAMEANIT.




[Photo Credit: Disney Plus, Netflix – Video Credit: Netflix via YouTube.com, Disney Plau via YouTube.com]

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