Cathy Cambridge Visits Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Beulah London

Posted on July 06, 2020

Duchess Cathy stepped out this weekend and got herself a little spiffy’d up for the occasion. Not that she’s been slacking on the style front, but the post-lockdown royal look has been decidedly low-key up until now. You may be looking at the above and thinking “What are those two weirdos talking about? She’s in a standard day dress.” Ah, but you see, that is where you are wrong, amateur royal-watcher. We, who get paid huge sums of money to come up with observations such as the following, direct you to the Duchess’s lower half. If you will.


She broke out the ROYAL PUMPS. No espadrilles for this Duchess! Not on this day!

Joking – and completely untrue salary assertions – aside, this really is the head-to-toe dressiest she’s been in months – assuming she wasn’t wearing pumps during all those teleconferenced royal duties. Once again our lockdown assumption that once celebrities started stepping out in looks again, we’d be so grateful and open-hearted that we’d find it hard to critique them has turned out to be not so true. Because this? We don’t love this. She can get away with a certain level of prim in her style simply because of the role she’s fulfilling. We always said she takes a lot of her cues from her grandmother-in-law, which has served her well most of the time. At other times, she winds up in a dress that looks more suitable for some her grandmother-in-law’s age. The print is cute and the color is her signature blue, which always works for her. But we really hate the combination of white collar, full sleeves and white cuff. Those elements plus the general shape of the dress and length of the hem give it a bit of a religious cult feel to it. It also looks awfully heavy for this time of year. Get rid of the collar and give this frock a couple of short sleeves, we say.



Beulah London ‘Shalini Micro Geo’ Floral Dress







Style Credits:
Beulah London ‘Shalini Micro Geo’ Floral Dress
Ocean Tides Milky Quartz in 18ct Gold Earrings
Rupert Sanderson ‘Malory’ Shoes


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