“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Star Gigi Goode in Moschino

Posted on June 24, 2020

All we have ever asked of our celebrities is that they spend these Uncertain Times putting on high fashion and stepping in front of a camera. We don’t care how they pull it off or even what they wear, so long as they maintain good social distancing practices and serve up a lewk worth looking at. In response to our pleas, most of them wound up shooting earnest hostage videos or Zoom reunions and frankly, none of it impressed us. It seems so many of our celebrities operate under the mistaken impression that we want them to tell us how to live, feel, and/or survive this moment. Silly celebrities. We want you to STAND THERE AND SERVE PRETTY. Thankfully, we have drag queens to fill the void. Miss Goode? That’s your cue.



Bitch is standing on a cracked sidewalk in front of a chain link fence and she’s giving us more FASHION than we’ve seen in months. See, celebs? You don’t have to art direct a Vogue editorial. Just put on your best face, your highest wig, and the most sickening borrowed dress you can snag and then pose like your life depended on it. Why must we always rely on our drag sisters to show you all how it’s done?




Style Credits:
Moschino Printed Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Mark Monroe


[Photo Credit: Gigi Goode/Instagram, moschino.com]

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