WERQ From Home: Katy Perry in Carolina Herrera and Simone Rocha on “Good Morning America”

Posted on May 26, 2020

We are going to come out of this messy time with a newfound respect for Miss Katy. Neither worldwide health crisis nor burgeoning baby belly are going to stop this pop diva from putting on a synergistically appropriate set of promotional outfits and twirling in her backyard.





Attagirl. That’s the kind of “Let’s put on a show” attitude we like to see from our stars in lockdown. It helps that there’s fashion worth discussing but then again, that’s kind of the point. She and her team are doing it right. They’re continuing with the promotional tour by changing as little of it as possible. We know other folks may disagree, but we’d much rather see celebrities doing stuff like this than peering into their phones and shooting sweaty hostage videos. That shit’s not soothing anyone.



Carolina Herrera Floral Print Off-the-shoulder Dress











Simone Rocha Puff Sleeve Floral-embroidered Dress



Now, if this was all happening in the normal timeline, we might have been a bit bitchier about the idea of dressing yourself in a string of daisy-themed outfits to promote your song about daisies. But to be fair, Katy’s always operated in a sort of obvious, cartoony realm – and we don’t mean that in a bitchy way. We feel like she can get away with this sort of promotional cosplay way more than a lot of her contemporaries. Gaga’s not going to promote “Rain On Me” in a succession of raincoats and umbrellas – nor would we expect her to. But this is Katy’s sweet spot, both artistically and promotionally. The girl has a history of dressing up in costumes when it suits her. Having said that, we don’t think the Rocha works nearly as well as the Herrera. The caftan feels luxurious and a little campy, while also being gorgeous on her and on camera. The Rocha’s color doesn’t work all that well for her and the feel of it is just a bit too Junior Miss for someone well into their pregnancy.



Style Credits:
First Look: Carolina Herrera Floral Print Off-the-shoulder Dress | Rebecca de Ravenel ‘Daisy’ Drop Earrings
Second Look: Simone Rocha Puff Sleeve Floral-embroidered Dress | Lelet NY Neon Padded Headband | Lizzie Fortunato Spritz Mother-Of-Pearl & Acrylic Hoop Daisy Charm Earrings


[Photo Credit: ABC News/Frame Grab, farfetch.com, saksfifthavenue.com, shopbop.com/ – Video Credit: Katy Perry via YouTube.com]

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