Gag On The Mid-Century Eleganza of Vintage 1950s Fine Ladies’ Footwear Ads

Posted on May 14, 2020

For the fashion historians (if not the fetishists) out there, we present a glorious walk through the ladies’ foot fashions of yesteryear! As we noted in other recent fashion catalog history posts, womenswear hasn’t really changed all that much in the last 80 years. Most styles don’t ever truly pass into history anymore; they just cycle out of fashion for a decade or two before some updated version of them comes back for a new generation of consumers. You’ll find in this selection of ladies footwear every variation of heel style, toe box and vamp you can think of. In other words, we bet most fashion-minded women of any age with a predilection for footwear shopping will come across more than a few styles in this collection that they’ve owned and worn plenty of times. There are even see-through plastic shoes to be found here; half a century before Kim Kardashian walked the earth.








[Photo Credit:,, pinterest]

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