Pop Style Opinionfest: Schitt-y Fashion

Posted on April 10, 2020



Could there possibly have been a topic for this week’s episode OTHER than the eye-popping costume design of the dearly departed Schitt’s Creek? Well, yes. We do actually run down the runway results of this week’s two episodes of Making The Cut. We’re still plowing through Heidi and Tim’s little Amazon show, but this was definitely the week we hit the wall on the show’s silliness. They surely did spend a shit-ton of Bezos-dollars on this show, but it’s just not very well produced or directed. Still, there’s always a fashion show at the end of every episode and that’s what’ll keep us coming back – that, and a bit of an allegiance to Heidi and Tim, for old time’s sake. Anyway to see the winning looks, you can click on the magic links embedded in this very sentence because we’re clever professional bloggers.

And yes, we go OFF on the fashions of Schitt’s Creek – not just Moira’s jaw-droppers, but David’s entire wardrobe, which is way more stylish and forward-looking than the show sometimes allows, as well as why Alexis’ “A Little Bit Alexis” ensemble was so exquisitely put together to maximize the comedy of the moment.


All that – and no bickering! After a MONTH of lockdown together! Truly, we are an inspiration to couples everywhere. And as always, thank you for all your support, darlings!



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pop TV]

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