Jennifer Lopez in Coach x Richard Bernstein on “One World: Together At Home”

Posted on April 20, 2020

Look, kittens, look! Celebrity FASHUN!!!!! Oh, it’s been so long, you guys.

Yes, we’re wild-eyed and desperate at this point to feature anyone wearing anything just to have something to talk about, but trust your girl Jenny to actually deliver. J Lo wasn’t going to be serving you any Zoom shots with a bookcase behind her. She wasn’t going to be showing you her kitchen or her bedroom. Lockdown or no lockdown, Miss From-the-block was only going to be serving you as much glamour as she could string together.




Um. We’ll just say this: we appreciate the effort and the sentiment, girl. And in a backhanded sort of way, we have to say we appreciate you stepping out on a limb a little. That’s not the most intuitive choice of a song for the former Fly Girl and we don’t think the material really plays to her strengths as a performer, but good for her anyway.

But it should be noted that the choice didn’t just spring forth from her heart. Jenny has a contract:

Coach X Richard Bernstein Sweatshirt with Barbra Streisand

In this special collection, Coach collaborates with the estate of artist Richard Bernstein combining our bold New York attitude with his unique works of pop art and portraiture. Crafted of a soft cotton-blend, this classic-fit crewneck sweatshirt features a graphic of Bernstein’s 1969 portrait of beloved icon Barbra Streisand following her film debut in “Funny Girl.” His use of airbrush and dazzling glitter creates a larger-than-life figure.


Seriously, we are so impressed by that. This is why J Lo’s one of the last true mega-stars. She can wring emotion out of money and make it look heartwarming and inspirational. That’s how a STAR pays her bills.



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Coach – Still: Global Citizen via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: Global Citizen via]

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