Pop Style Opinionfest: The Great Hunker-Down of 2020

Posted on March 20, 2020

Darlings, don’t let’s think of this as a time of quarantine and lockdown. Think of it as a time when we all get to be cozy and comfy in our drawstring pants at the same time. Take a cue from Tab Hunter and Miss Miu Miu up there. They’ve got the right idea.

As for this week’s podcast, it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that, as your humble hosts do the same thing everyone else is doing at the moment: trying to figure out the new status quo. Mainly, the topic of the week is the same one everyone else is talking about: What are we doing/How are we doing it/What are our plans? Lorenzo’s got some Netflix binge-watches for you. Tom’s got some recipes to share with you. We’ve both got some suggestions for how to stay sane, focused and socialized. We take a minute to salute the folks who are most affected by this turn of events, tell you of our plans for content going forward, and even ask your advice about something we’ve been tossing around as a possibility. Of course our book comes up, but mainly as a way of expressing our gratitude to those supporting us and our solidarity with other writers with books coming out soon.

But it’s not all coziness and comfort with these two bitches. No, we still have a few things to say to all those celebrities hilariously showing their asses this week, not sure how to proceed in a time where everything they know and do has been suspended. We have a few thoughts as to how the red carpet experience can be captured going forward, without anyone exposing themselves or risking endangering others. You people have mansions, expensive cameras, and walk-in closets. Figure it out. Or listen to us.





In related news, here are the recipes Tom’s been baking this week: Martha’s yellow cake (add a tablespoon of vegetable oil because it tends to bake dry), the bread, the Irish soda bread, the coconut custard pie, and the Belgian waffles.

Thank you for all your support, kittens! We’re gonna get through this! LUVYAMEANIT!


[Photo Credit: Lorenzo Marquez/Tom and Lorenzo]

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