Saint Laurent Fashion Show Front Row

Posted on February 26, 2020

Darlings, the stars came out in Paris to suck in their cheeks and model Saint Laurent like good little boys and girls. Let’s point and judge!



Ana de Armas

Looks like a fun party dress underneath. We get the whole “borrowing my boyfriend’s jacket” vibe of the styling, but we’d rather see the frock.

Tom & Lorenzo: We’d Rather See The Frock.




Hailey Bieber

It’s not the most original design in the world but she’s certainly built for it. Studio 54 is thataway, girl.




Kit Harington

The outfit looks like depression in clothing form, although the coat looks pretty fine. Is he wearing eyeliner?



Lenny Kravitz

Don’t love the length of the pants, but we do love the play between the stripes of the jacket and the shirt. It’s a subtle bit of visual interest that makes an otherwise plain outfit look chic and well-coordinated. Or maybe it’s all just him.



Lily Collins

That’s some stunningly fierce ’80s fabulousness going on right there. She looks amazing.




Rami Malek

Meh. Whatever. He did as asked.



Zoë Kravitz

But don’t bother telling Miss Zoe how to dress for a Saint Laurent show. She’ll go her own way, thank you. And of course, she’s making it all look effortlessly fabulous.





[Photo Credit: Laurent Zabulon/Abaca/]

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