Oscars 2020: Olivia Colman in Stella McCartney

Posted on February 10, 2020

Miss Olivia reaffirmed last night that she is not only still adorably charming, but so is the lovable creature staring back at us from her dress.


She has a very strict preference for coverage – from neck to toes and down past her wrists. She’s rigidly consistent and we can respect that; especially since her preferences have resulted in some interesting red carpet looks. She does best when she gets designs that really lean into her innately regal sort of look, even if she’s all jokes and broad grins. She just looks good in queen drag. But a lot of times, when designers are handed a set of rules that restrict their creativity or the house’s aesthetic, they wind up doing something really goofy just to give the dress some interest, some flair, something to remind you that they created it. In this case, Stella gave Olivia’s dress ears. We don’t know what possessed her to do that or how she couldn’t see them when she stepped away from it the first time, but she must have been desperate to put some – ANY – sort of stamp on this to loosen it up.

On the other hand, she kind of looks like a senator or dignitary in the Star Wars universe and as long as we look at it from that perspective, it works pretty well.





Style Credits:
– Custom Stella McCartney Velvet Embellished Dress with Cutout Detailing
Atelier Swarovski Bespoke Swarovski Created Diamonds and Emerald Earrings, ‘Mosaic’ Ring and ‘Rainforest Green Round’ Ring
Jimmy Choo Shoes

Styled by Miranda Almond | Hair by Marcus Francis | Makeup by Sarah Uslan


[Photo Credit: ABC/RICK ROWELL, INSTARImages, AdMedia/Media Punch/INSTARimages, Courtesy of Atelier Swarovski]


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