Oscars 2020: Janelle Monáe in Ralph Lauren

Posted on February 10, 2020

Kittens, it’s the morning after Oscar night, which means we are about to embark on our Number One busiest day of the year (after a brief catnap in recovery from the busiest night of our year). We’re cracking our knuckles, chugging our coffee, and doing our stretches – not all at the same time. So while we limber up and let the caffeine hit our bloodstreams, we’re going to let the Blogger’s Best Friend Janelle Monae do the heavy lifting of getting this day started.


Bow down to your queer space wizard. If this isn’t our Best of the Night, it came damn close.

The reason we call her the Blogger’s Best Friend is because Miss Thing never fails to wear something so spectacular, so jaw-dropping, so unlike anything else on that red carpet, that all we have to really do is slap up some pictures, sit back, and let her fabulousness do all the work for us.

And speaking of work: from Ralph Lauren’s Instagram: “The shimmering, fully embellished silhouette required more than 600 hours of expert hand-embroidery to adorn 168,000 crystals over lacquered silk lamé tulle.” We’re exhausted just thinking about that.



Style Credits:
– Custom Ralph Lauren Gown Studded with Dégradé Crystals Featuring a Draped Hood and Open Portrait Back to the Sculptural Skirt in Lacquered Silk Lamé
Forevermark ‘Lace of Light’ Diamond Choker, Rings and Studs

Styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn | Hair by Nikki Nelms | Makeup by Jessica Smalls | Nails by Sreynin Peng


[Photo Credit: ABC/RICK ROWELL, INSTARImages]

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