“Judy” Star Renée Zellweger on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Posted on February 04, 2020

Okay, so we’re a bit confused here. Perhaps you all can help us out with a few things. First item on the list: why did she wear such a spectacular dress for a talk show chat when her Oscar campaign red carpetry has been so uniformly… well … stale?



Not that this is cutting-edge fashion in any way. It doesn’t really step that far outside her comfort zone. But it looks spectacular on her and immediately pegs her as a movie star, unlike the bridesmaid and socialite styles she’s tended to favor all through awards season.

Second item on the list: WHY ON EARTH DOES SH– sorry. We’ll dial it back. Why, kittens? Why does she wear a spectacular sequined dress and then do absolutely nothing with her hair and face? From the neck down: Prestige Movie Star. From the neck up: dishwashing time.

Third item: And we admit, this is just curiosity on our parts, but do you think she knows there are shoe options other than DTM stiletto pumps?






[Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes – Video Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube.com]

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