2020 National Board of Review Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on January 09, 2020

The Awards Season train chugs ever on, kittens. On this night, it stopped in New York so a bunch of buzzy stars could get their east coast style on.



Billy Porter in Gucci

We hope we don’t get in trouble saying this, but as a self-described cisgender man who wears womenswear because he likes to push boundaries and he thinks it looks great on him (as opposed to a trans or non-binary person wearing it for deeper reasons of identity over preference), it’s good for Billy to step out in some menswear every now and then, just to shake things up. Otherwise, the dress-wearing either becomes a gimmick or something he’s going to feel forced into doing for promotional reasons. This way, he gets to play both sides of the aisle, which is what we suspect he always intended.

Anyway, this all looks fabulous on him.



Daniel Craig

You can count on it like the change of the seasons: the closer Daniel Craig gets to another Bond film release, the smaller his suits get.




Jamie Lee Curtis

We feel like we’ve seen her in this exact outfit several dozen times but we can’t say it’s not working for her. Still, maybe just a little sparkle somewhere, Jaime Lee?




Lena Waithe in Richfresh

That is a fabulous coat.




Michael Shannon

You can dress Michael Shannon up in a cute tie, but he’s still gonna stand there on the red carpet like Michael Shannon, not remotely into it.




Renée Zellweger in Atelier Caito for Hervé Pierre

At this point, we’re starting to be impressed by her ability to find so many dresses out there that basically look like the same dress. Copyright lawyers should hire her.




Salma Hayek in Jonathan Simkhai

We like the dress, but we don’t think the accessories are working for it at all. This needs to look disco-fabulous, not borderline tacky.






[Photo Credit: John Nacion/Startraksphoto.Com]

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