Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke at the “Last Christmas” New York Premiere

Posted on October 31, 2019

This cast has been poledancing to beat the band this week (Mix our metaphors? In this economy?). While we’re concerned they’re not getting enough rest and Vitamin C as we head into flu season, we are nonetheless appreciative of everyone involved pulling together to do everything they can to turn this film into your next Holiday Classic. Just pace yourselves, guys.


And we reiterate: If he turns out to be a ghost or an angel or a figment of her imagination, there will be rioting.




Y’know, we really have to hand it to him for consistently making unusual and off-beat choices. If we can salute Donald Glover for stepping out in a Gay Santa outfit, then we must also tip our (imaginary) hats to Henry for never falling back on the safe choices. Having said that, we don’t think he nails it down as often as he should, given the material he’s working with. He makes unusual color choices (which is to his credit) and often gets the footwear choice wrong. We really can’t stand the idea of suit, shirt, tie and socks all in the exact same color. Even worse is the idea of finishing off the look with a pair of contrasting shoes, which turns him into a head and pair of feet. And this looks way more like a summer suit than something for this time of year.




Clearly, fashion doll-like matching was the brief for this go-round. It’s a pretty great dress, but we just can’t see the value of matching the earrings, shoes and manicure to it. A little pop of contrasting color or even something neutral to give the dress more space to shine makes way more sense to us.


Having said that, they do look good side-by-side. We don’t like all the tone-on-tone, but the silver-purple color scheme does photograph well and feels a little “holiday” without being cliched about it. Quibbles aside, this is all clearly well coordinated. And there’s something of an argument to be made that if you’re really shooting for classic rom-com status (and they’ve been open about that being their goal), the fashion should be simple, pretty, vaguely aspirational, and non-challenging so as to appeal to the widest audience.


Style Credits:
Henry Golding: Ralph Lauren Purple Label Tone-on-tone Ensemble from the Spring 2020 Collection
Styled by David Thomas

Emilia Clarke: Valentino Dress from the Spring 2020 Collection | Taffin Jewelry | Brian Atwood Shoes
Styled by Petra Flannery | Hair by Earl Simms | Makeup by Brigitte Reiss-Andersen

[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images via EPK.TV, Jennifer Graylock/INSTARimages.com, valentino.com, Courtesy of Ralph Lauren]

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