Naomie Harris in Mary Katrantzou at the Fashion For Relief Gala: IN or OUT?

Posted on September 16, 2019


Okay, we’re gonna give it to you absolutely straight (you’ll pardon the term): It’s currently 5:49 am, this is being written in a New York hotel room on the morning of the day (today) where we have more or less an entire day of meetings with our publisher, and having already formatted and composed all the other posts of the day, we find ourselves without a hook for this one. Because every post needs a hook, you see. This is Blogging 101 so we hope you’re taking notes.

Anyway, this frock:





What do we all think? We picked it for the spotlight because we love Katrantzou and we thought the postage stamp theme was fun at first glance. Now, we’re looking at it and wondering if it’s not a bit overdone. Now, we’re heading off to our complimentary breakfast buffet and leaving the rest of this post up to you.

Naomie Harris’ Philatelist Phrock:

IN or OUT? 


Transparency in blogging, darlings!


Style Credits:
Mary Katrantzou Sleeveless Dress from the Spring 2019 Collection

[Photo Credit: Ian West/PA Images/,]

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