Emmys 2019 Purple Carpet Report: Billy Porter Did That

Posted on September 23, 2019



Congratulations to the fiercest bitch (and first black gay man) who ever won a Best Actor in a Drama Emmy. And because he is such a fierce bitch, he knew his historic status would need to be well-displayed. Mr. Porter would not be showing up in some standard-ass tuxedo like he’s here to park your car for you. Mr. Porter came to slay and slay he did.

What’s most surprising about this ensemble is the designer. Love Michael Kors but we would not have pegged him for the shortlist of designers who might be providing Billy his genderfuck ensemble for the night. On the other hand, this may be the most conventional outfit Billy’s worn on a red carpet all year. As we explained last week (to Mr. Porter’s approval), he’s not here to make statements on his gender. He’s not even here to make statements about gender in the general sense. That’s not why he wears womenswear or dresses so exuberantly. He does it because he’s fierce, because he thinks these things look stunning on him, and because he thinks it’s dumb that anyone would question it or even make too big a deal out of it. So while the suit may be slightly more conventional (although it should be noted the cut – length of the jacket, width of the pants – is distinctly womenswear-oriented), he’s still going to sport the most outrageous hat seen since Aretha sang for the Obamas. He’s still going to sport those peeptoe platforms. He’s still going to remain fierce as fuck and wholly original because at this point, we don’t think he knows how not to be those things.

Bravo, sir.




Style Credits:
– Custom Michael Kors Collection Black Double-crepe Sablé Dinner Jacket and Trousers with Crystal Pinstripe Embroidery, a Black Satin Shirt and Silk Fringed Scarf
Stephen Jones Hat
Oscar Heyman Jewelry

Styled by Sam Ratelle | Grooming by Anna Bernabe

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/Startraksphoto.Com, FOX]

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