Variety’s 2019 Power of Young Hollywood Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on August 07, 2019

Kittens, YOUNG HOLLYWOOD! And not just that, but THE POWER! Truly, this will be one of the most awe-inspiring and envy-inducing red carpets of all time! For what is more likely to produce awe and envy, but POWERFUL YOUNG CELEBRITIES?!? What with their clear skin and perfect teeth and purses that cost more than your car! Let’s go get them!




Adam Faison

Everything about this is cute, but he should get his damn hands out of his pockets and we question whether the sockless+dress shoe look is all that fresh anymore.




Asher Angel

Special shoutout to Timothee Chalamet, who did a LOT to make this sort of look on an under-20 on the red carpet seem perfectly de rigeur. We can remember a time when literally every celebrity dude under 25 chafed if they had to wear a shirt with a collar in public.

The proportions are a little odd here. We don’t mind the long untucked shirt, but we don’t get why the jacket is practically a bolero, it’s so cropped.



Auli’i Cravalho

The fit is surprisingly good, considering how upholstery-heavy this textile looks. The color’s nice, but the jingle-jangle hanging off the bust doesn’t work.



Brandon Thomas Lee

To be quite honest, we’re a little surprised we’re not seeing more of this sort of thing, given the buzz/success of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Anyway, we love the idea, but the Chucks don’t go with the sleazy/chic vibe of the top half.




Camila Cabello in Zuhair Murad

She looks like a very fussily decorated powder room. If her bust dispensed Kleenex, it wouldn’t seem all that odd to us.




Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey in Rhea Costa

These ladies are impressively good at coordinating, but these dresses come off almost uniform or costume-like in tandem.




Cole Sprouse in Saint Laurent

Can’t really argue with any of this.




Hannah Brown

This is about what we’d expect from a Bachelorette. Which means she’s on point and we just gave her a scathingly backhanded “compliment.”




Hunter Schafer in Christopher Kane

We honestly don’t like the design of this ensemble at all, but we are fully supportive of her occasional wacky fashion ways. Not to put too fine a point on it, but in such an image-based, media-heavy business, it means something when a transgender actress feels the freedom to play with her fashion and get a little weird with it. It expands the idea and the image of being a transgender actress by taking it a little wider than the mainstream glamour of women like Laverne Cox or M.J. Rodriguez. It means she’s in a space where she feels free to not adhere to expectations, which can only be considered a good thing, as far as we’re concerned. Go for it, girl. Make weird choices. Dress how you want. Go be that punk trans goddess the world would love to see. If that’s what you want, of course.



Julia Butters

She’s 12. Even though there are little bits of whimsy and naivete in the design and styling choices, this still comes off way too precocious for her age. A pre-teen in a slim-pant’d suit and slingbacks? She looks really cute, but we wish the bottom half of the outfit made some sort of reference or statement about her youth. Those pants and shoes are way wrong.



Marsai Martin

Marsai’s another one who sometimes dresses a bit too chic and sophisticated for her age. We’d rate this look a little on the border. She looks pretty, but the entire ensemble could be worn by women 30 to 50 years older than her without any changes.




Nico Parker (in Chanel) and Thandie Newton (in Ashish)

We love how Miss Thandie has a history of chaperoning her actress daughter around to these sorts of things. We’ve said before that we suppose you could read it as a bit of spotlight-grabbing on her part, but it always comes across like Fierce Mama Bear protectiveness to us. Girlfriend knows what a cesspool this industry can be for pretty young women. We think Nico’s look is a great compromise on the matter of dressing chic while still age-appropriate. As much as we love Thandie, we think her frock needs some serious editing.




Stephan James

All the credit in the world to him for almost making the formal tracksuit work, but the color is really bad.




Storm Reid in Nina Ricci

Fine. We’ll go be the grumpy uncles in the corner, wondering why all the 14-year-olds are dressed like 50-year-olds. Have fun, girls. You look pretty, Storm.



Zhavia Ward

Call us crazy, but we find this whole look a refreshing relief from all those teenagers in couture. She’s one of the few girls/young women in this post whose age we don’t feel we need to state upfront. She’s 18 and she looks it. And girl? We are SO HAPPY for you. You don’t know it now, but you are going to laugh so hard at this outfit in 25 years or so. Cherish it.






[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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