Samara Weaving in Versace at the “Ready or Not” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on August 21, 2019

Everyone’s saying that Miss Samara (NOT Miss Margot, although you’d be forgiven for the mistake), is making a star turn in Ready or Not, and we’re all about the Up-and-Comers here at T Lo Forward Thinking Entertainment, Ltd. And we all know what that means, don’t we, kittens? STEP INTO THE JUDGING CIRCLE, GIRL! You’ve arrived!



Believe it or not, we don’t hate this garment as much as you might think. Yes, we’re well past tired of black lace on the red carpet. And we also have a long history of decrying Frankendresses, those unholy hybrids of garment that reflect nothing so much as the designer’s lack of focus, more often than not. We do not, howevs, have a history of getting huffy over the no-pants look. We think it can be done right and we think the scale of this jacket makes it work, more or less. If we had to pick one element to completely change, it would be the lace patch at the hem, which really does look terrible. Strangely enough, we don’t mind the lace sleeve. We think the peek of bralette would be fine if the jacket didn’t have so much lace in it. Basically, there’s just too damn much lace here and the bottom piece is the worst part. But there’s a simple glamour at play here and we think it comes down to her ability to work this look. Let’s see more of what you got, Miss. This isn’t a bad start, all things considered.




While we can understand that this doesn’t look like a film for everyone, we have to say it looks pretty hilarious.




Style Credits:
– Versace Black Blazer with Lace and Gold Button Detailing from the Fall 2019 Collection
– Diamond Foundry Jewelry
– Louis Vuitton Clutch
– Christian Louboutin Shoes

Styled by Petra Flannery | Hair by Marcus Francis | Makeup by Allan Avendaño

[Photo Credit: David Gabber/, Famous/ACE PICTURES/, – Video Credit: FoxSearchlight via]

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