Friday Leftovers for the Week of August 11th, 2019

Posted on August 16, 2019

OOOooooh, gurl! ANOTHER week of slim red carpet pickins. While there’s been a slight uptick in appearances the closer we get to Emmy season and then the holiday Oscar bait season, but the quality, kittens. It’s just not there. We don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been weeks since we did a Red Carpet Showdown post. There simply aren’t enough stunning lewks happening to pit them against each other, cagematch style. Alas. But worry not! There’s still plenty of mediocre looks to yell at!




Chrissy Metz in Anthony Thomas Galante

The colors look great, the neckline and general shape really suit her. We suppose we can understand why a straight line cutting across her might not be optimal, but we’re not sure that curved, raised waistline quite works.


D’Arcy Carden in Rachel Antonoff

This is one of the best garments we’ve ever seen her wear. It looks great on her, but it did not ask for boots. We’d have advised her to raise the hem and get some sandals.



Eva Longoria in Vitor Zerbinato

It’s basic, but we can’t really argue with it, especially given the setting. Hate those pointy sandals, though.




Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Two messes.




Jenna Dewan in David Koma

Miss Woman, you had us until we got to the hem. Repeating the motif found in the peplum was not needed. A simple, straight hemline with a slit would’ve looked so much better.




Julianne Hough (in Georges Chakra Couture) and Brooks Laich

It’s kind of hard for him to get things wrong. Put him in a suit and he’s good to go. She, on the other hand, is dressed like a pigeon, for some reason.



Julianne Moore in Julie de Libran

Time to be blunt: this style looks absolutely terrible on her. Julianne, you have never needed a style intervention more.




Julius Tennon, Genesis Tennon and Viola Davis

A proud mom and dad giving their little girl a little spotlight time at the premiere of her first movie. It’s too cute for us to get weird about their outfits.



Justin Hartley

Hmm. He tries, we can tell. This isn’t some Brad Pitt-esque “resting on pretty” thing. But while he’s cute enough to make almost anything work, his style always comes off as way too bland to us. We originally mistyped “blond” there and briefly considered keeping it. We realize you can’t help looking like a Ken Doll, mister, but you don’t have to dress like one.



Leslie Jones in Lia Stublla

Kind of an odd choice for a kid’s movie premiere. And it’s simply too tight in the bust, which isn’t the kind of thing you can just ignore.




Mandy Moore in Proenza Schouler

Color us shocked, but this actually kind of works for her. That almost never happens. We wish the bottom of that skirt wasn’t so complicated.



Manny Jacinto

We’ve said it before: that bone structure deserves more striking fashion.




Sterling K. Brown in Parsley & Grey

Fun color. Can’t really argue with this.



Zooey Deschanel in Ulla Johnson

The dress is very her, which means we’ll accept it even if we don’t love it. She’s playing to her strengths. Those pumps look awful with it.





[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Todd Williamson/NBC, Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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