Bill Skarsgård in Burberry at the “IT Chapter Two” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on August 28, 2019

As with our earlier post about Nathalie Emmanuel doing the damn thing, sometimes you’ve gotta respect a hard-working celebrity’s fashion-based response to a host of image-campaign issues. Bill here has to come out strong for this final promotional round in service to his most famous role but he’s also got to show that he’s got unforgettable star quality. And it wouldn’t hurt to remind people of those enviable Skarsgård genes. How to do all that? Come out looking fine, looking hot, and looking just a bit off from the norm.



Damn, clown.

It’s a stunning suit. Those who hang onto our every word (which is everyone, no?) will note that we have a long history of bemoaning the business suit or the undertaker’s suit on the red carpet. It’s less about the somber or neutral colors and more about the shape and style of the suit. We have no problem with a black suit on the red carpet so long as it’s fine, impeccably fitted and offers one or two details to set it apart from a Secret Service agent’s uniform. With this look, the buttons on the jacket and the matching shirt and tie take this somewhere completely unexpected. It’s chic and sharp, but it also has a slightly funhouse effect. Things aren’t where they’re supposed to be, stripes are both matching up and clashing at the same time. A subtle, elegant madness.








Style Credits:
Burberry Ensemble Featuring an English Fit Triple Stud Pinstriped Wool Tailored Jacket Paired with a Striped Shirt and Tie from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

[Photo Credit: PAPIX/, Famous/ACE PICTURES/, Media Punch/,, – Video Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via]

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