Met Gala 2019: Why Didn’t RuPaul Come in Drag?

Posted on May 07, 2019

There was a chorus of disappointment expressed on social media last night when RuPaul stepped out onto the Met Gala red carpet because people assumed something we could have told them ahead of time was never going to happen. Ru wasn’t going to show up to this event in drag; not even if the theme of the event practically begged him to. For many years now, he’s made it perfectly clear that drag is something he does when someone is paying him to do it. People sometimes have a hard time handling this attitude from the current reigning mother of modern drag, but we think it’s perfectly acceptable and understandable on Ru’s part. He’s worked damn hard to elevate himself as an all-around entertainer and host while Drag Race does the work of finding his superstar successors in the world of drag. And let’s be blunt: Ru’s version of highly polished drag is not only a lot of work to pull off, but extremely physically taxing. Expecting him to spend the entire night in platforms, a corset, ten pounds of makeup and thirty pounds of wig is not practical and besides, he doesn’t feel like he should have to based on his level of fame and his professional accomplishments.

Which is why we feel that this look was an excellent manner of meeting the public halfway. When Ru’s out of drag he prefers brightly colored suits with a little bit of flair to them. What he chose for the Met Gala was something halfway between his drag persona and his “civilian” look:


In addition, Ru’s there with his extremely handsome husband and we think it’s asking too much of him to expect him to spend the night with him in full drag. Ru’s a cisgender gay man and like so many drag queens, he doesn’t find it appropriate to sport drag in his non-stage life, even if the world expects him to.

You can sit there and complain that RuPaul didn’t come to the Met Gala in drag, but we’re looking at a man in makeup, pounds of jewelry, a beaded neon zebra-striped suit with bellbottoms, platform shoes and a freaking zebra head with marabou feathers hanging off his shoulder and we have to ask: If this isn’t a form of drag, what the hell is it?


Style Credits:
– Zaldy Hot Pink Sequined Suit with Zebra Stripes in Sequin and Neon Vinyl and an Ostrich Feathered Zebra Mane
– David Webb Jewelry

Styled by Zaldy

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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