“Avengers: Endgame” Cast Handprint Ceremony

Posted on April 24, 2019

We’re in such a weird spot right now; having to report and opine on the choices of the Avengers:Endgame cast while the deeply emotional core of their film is still giving us the feels but because virtually no one has seen it yet, we can’t let it color our commentary lest we be hung in effigy for violating the unspoken spoiler rule. We have a really good, non-spoiler joke to make here but because it will be read as a spoiler, we can’t make it.

We are pouting furiously right now. We’ve decided we’re going to take it out on their outfits.



Aw, we’re just teasing. They all look so happy we have not the heart to trash their looks. Skipping producer Kevin Feige, because who cares what he’s wearing: We appreciate the Hemsworth’s commitment to wearing interesting suits, but we’re not sure the scale or the colors of that plaid look all that great. Evans clearly did not ask the rest of the cast how they were dressing for this event. Even so, a hand-and-foot ceremony is a long tradition in Hollywood and he should have known that his outfit was too casual for it. Gotta say, RDJ looks pretty great. His penchant for colorfully tinted shades will always make him look much older than he is to our eyes, but the pops of red really help bring that somewhat bland suit up to half-interesting. We’re not crazy about the color of Scarlett’s jumpsuit but that’s the only complaint we have. She looks cute. Renner and Ruffalo look like they just left a funeral.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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